Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are there websites geared toward Horror writers?

Ask the Literary Agent

Question: I belong to a local writer's group, but I'm having trouble finding fellow writers who can relate to my research into vampires and dracula tales. Are there websites designed specifically for horror writers?

Literary Agent Michele Glance Rooney Answers:

Your ghoulish request has been answered! There are three websites specifically geared to the horror writing genre. I'm glad to recommend:

1. Dark Echo Horror

2. Horror Writers Association

3. Masters of Terror

Michele Glance Rooney is the director of the Michele Glance Rooney Literary Agency. Michele Glance Rooney has worked as a literary agent representing fiction and non-fiction for the past 19 years. Email her at michelroon@aol.com

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ALC said...

Anyone actually interested in this subject would have already found a wealth of info simply by googling. Try faking a blog about something significant.